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We launched the Akuity Platform in September 2022. The platform is constantly growing as a product, adding more and more innovation on top of Argo CD. To make sure we are delivering on our promise of becoming “the” DevOps platform for Kubernetes, we are closely listening to what our fellow DevOps practitioners would love to use when managing their infrastructure.

Once the additional value that Akuity brings to Argo CD becomes clear, we get a lot of questions about whether shipping it in an on-premise model is possible.

Well - it is now! 🎉

Our Promise of On-Premise

While talking to companies from the Fortune 500, it became clear that having an on-prem solution is a must-have. On-prem is often needed for businesses and entities within highly regulated industries (think financial services, health care and government institutions, etc.)

Despite the popularity of cloud environments, these companies choose on-prem for its security, controllability, and compliance (whether it’s HIPAA for private health information, FERPA for student records, or other government and industry regulations).

Whether it’s more control over their bespoke solutions, fewer points of failure, minimal exposure to external threats, or (probably) all of the above - most Fortune 500 companies utilize on-premise solutions, at least to some extent.

It’s not uncommon for these companies and organizations to go as far as “air-gaping” their systems. This approach is a security measure that isolates a device or a network from other devices and networks, including the public internet. To protect critical computer systems and the data they store from malicious software and unauthorized access, one has to ensure the total isolation of a given system electromagnetically, electronically and physically.

Sounds really remote? Not anymore. We’re bringing Akuity (and Argo CD) into these infrastructures so that every Kubernetes cluster can benefit from Argo CD as a managed service.

The Benefits of Argo CD as a Managed (Self-hosted) Service

When bringing Akuity inside your on-premise infrastructure, you get all the benefits of the SaaS offering, which includes expert support from the Argo Project creators and maintainers with a dedicated SLA.

Akuity’s agent-based architecture is still in place to:

  • increase your cluster's security
  • substantially reduce traffic between the Kubernetes clusters and the Argo CD control plane
  • enable painless scalability of all your Argo CD instances

Increased Security

The Akuity Platform has an agent-based architecture, allowing the cluster to connect to the Argo control plane (direct access is no longer required). This means that the platform does not need your cluster admin credentials. With the help of the platform, you are able to log, store, and analyze all the critical events that took place inside your Argo CD control plane and increase the discoverability of any security-related events.

Akuity’s control plane is configured with high availability out-of-the-box, and configurations are backed up frequently. No need to recreate your Argo CD configuration if your cluster goes away.

It’s your choice to decide which Argo CD version you want to run, and Akuity will ensure that your clusters will be seamlessly updated or downgraded to it. This also includes applying security patches right after their release.

Ease of Scalability and Cost Optimization

Akuity maintains your Argo CD instances and reduces traffic between the Argo control plane and your environments by at least 80%. This enables you to manage all the edge clusters without worrying about the bandwidth limit and save money from the start.

With a built-in and configured autoscaler, your Argo CD will be automatically tuned to accommodate the ever-changing size of managed infrastructure with the guarantee of high performance.

Effortless Setup and Intuitive Self-service

With Akuity, you set up and manage the basic Argo CD settings from the dashboard using the web UI. This includes notifications, RBAC, secrets, etc. We also give your engineers new ways of managing instances on the Akuity Platform with a dedicated API and command line interface.

Our platform enables you to troubleshoot failed deployments and gather metrics regarding every single deployment.

The on-premise version of Akuity is a fully-functional branch of the product that will be updated with new features and innovations alongside the SaaS offering.

If you’re interested in using Akuity inside your on-premise environment, please reach out to our sales team or schedule a technical demo with one of our engineers.

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