Built on open source

Akuity is rooted in Argo Project, extending its capabilities and using the familiar Argo user interface.

From the creators of Argo

The Akuity team draws from deep experience to ensure an enterprise-grade Argo implementation.

Remove complexity. Add velocity.

Akuity was designed for GitOps practices as well as increasing security, saving money, and easing management of complex Kubernetes deployments.

Flawless developer experience for Kubernetes

Real-time dashboard, CLI, Terraform Provider, and APIs make it easy to integrate with any environment.

Enterprise readiness from day one

The maintenance-free DevOps platform (as a service or on-premises) that is scalable, reliable, secure and packaged with must-have features. This includes such services as expert support, solution guidance, architectural review, and guaranteed enterprise SLAs.

End to end analytics and insights

The Akuity Platform is deeply integrated with Argo, making it uniquely positioned to provide deep insights into company infrastructure.

Argo is trusted by

argocd dashboard
akuity enteprise

Powered by the Argo Community

The Argo Project is a suite of open source tools for deploying and running applications and workloads on Kubernetes. It extends the Kubernetes APIs and unlocks new and powerful capabilities in continuous delivery, container orchestration, event automation, progressive delivery, and more. Argo is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated project and is trusted in production by leading enterprises around the world.

Unparalleled UX

Crafted by DevOps practicioners for DevOps practicioners.

Leading GitOps Solution

Realize all the benefits of GitOps in a proven, scalable, and mission-critical solution built for the enterprise.

Expert Support

Access team of Argo experts including project maintainers themselves, with solution guidance and guaranteed enterprise SLAs.


According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation 2021 Annual Survey, production use of Argo increased by 115%, year-over-year, as more end-users trust the robustness and security of Argo for enabling continuous software delivery in enterprise environments.


In an end-of-year update on open source velocity in 2021, Argo features within the GitOps ecosystem as one of the highest velocity projects in CNCF, taking the 1st spot on the podium when it comes to GitOps tools and a 3rd spot overall.

Don't just take our word for it.

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