Future-proof Distributed Argo CD for Enterprises

Accelerate throughput and significantly decrease time to incident detection and recovery.
From the creators of Argo and Kargo.

Argo CD Open Source

Multiple control planes

Operational burden

Network bottlenecks

Complex tuning to scale

open-source ArgoCD architecture
  • Additional security engineering effort
  • Complex tuning to scale
  • No support
  • Limited in features

Argo CD with Akuity

Single control plane

Low maintenance

Extra features

More secure

Less traffic

open-source ArgoCD architecture
  • Single control plane
  • Low operational burden
  • Enterprise-level security out of the box
  • Built to scale
  • Support and SLAs
  • Additional innovative features
Trusted by leading teams and businesses
Casting Networks
Bloom Credit

GitOps best practices with Argo

Argo CD as a managed service

The Akuity team provides both an enterprise-grade Argo implementation and support as well as the Akuity Platform to set up, manage, and configure Argo CD with a unique architecture.

Argo CD configured and running in minutes

Detailed audit logs and sync history reports

SSO configuration, RBAC, system accounts, and external access 

Email, Slack, MS Teams, and define notification triggers

Automate with CLI, API, or Terraform provider

One-click version upgrades

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Argo Enterprise Services

Both on-prem and open source Argo services

Scale Argo with confidence. Enterprise support, solution guidance, architectural review for Argo CD, Argo Workflows, Argo Rollouts, and Argo Events.

Single control plane to aggregate and query all your Argo CD apps information

CVE resolution, prioritized patches and guaranteed SLAs

Help with best practices and architectural guidance

SOC 2 Type 2, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability

Environment promotion, git delegate, enterprise SSO, image updater, and more

On-premise, GKE, EKS, OpenShift, and Terraform compatibility

Scale Securely with a Single Control Plane

Innovative Agent-based Architecture

Akuity Platform’s hybrid architecture increases security, extends Argo CD’s capabilities, and makes Kubernetes deployments easier to manage with only one control plane for multiple clusters.

Credentials stay safe in the Kubernetes clusters

One control plane for all Argo CD instances 

Networks remain private, with only outbound traffic required

How Akuity Helps Businesses Manage Argo CD at Scale

See how our customers benefit from using the Akuity Platform

Cowbell logo

Akuity Manages Argo CD for Cowbell

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Whatnot logo

Akuity Helps Whatnot Ship Often and Focus on Reliability

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Streamline your application delivery pipelines

Kargo is the next step in the evolution of application delivery. It's purpose-built to make declarative application delivery pipelines easier and more intuitive - all while remaining faithful to established GitOps principles.

Argo stacked color dark

We created the Argo Project

The Argo Project is a suite of open source tools for deploying and running applications and workloads on Kubernetes. It extends the Kubernetes APIs and unlocks new and powerful capabilities in continuous delivery, container orchestration, event automation, progressive delivery, and more.

Shay Banon

Shay Banon

Founder & CTO at Elastic

Argo has proven itself to be a fast and flexible application delivery platform that is purpose-built around the agility needs of modern DevOps engineers. I'm excited to see what Akuity and the awesome team behind the project will deliver in the coming future.

Sheng Liang

Sheng Liang

President of Engineering & Innovation at SUSE

Argo has established itself as a leading technology of choice for software delivery and is the de facto standard for GitOps. The Akuity team has accumulated unique experience while creating Argo and I'm excited to support them in developing the next generation DevOps platform.

Pratik Wadher

Pratik Wadher

SVP Product Development, Intuit

Argo was a key catalyst and driver in Intuit’s cloud-native transformation and productivity amplification and we are excited to see additional partners like Akuity join the open source community to accelerate project growth, spur innovation and ensure its long term success.

Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Spotify

Argo Rollouts has enabled us to bring powerful automated canary analysis to our deployment process at Spotify, while still providing a simple user experience to our developers.

Argo is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated project and is trusted in production by leading enterprises globally

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