Our Mission

Empower DevOps teams with the best tools to deliver their apps simpler, safer, and faster.

Akuity was founded by Argo co-creators Hong Wang and Jesse Suen. Hong and Jesse were founding engineers at Applatix, which open-sourced the Argo project in 2017. After Applatix's acquisition by Intuit in 2018, Argo exploded in growth with the additions of Argo CD, Rollouts, and Events and was accepted as a CNCF incubating project. Akuity was formed to help companies modernize their tooling on Kubernetes, leveraging Argo, the leading open-source suite of Kubernetes-native application delivery software.

Application delivery in the cloud-native era

Kubernetes and containerization have revolutionized cloud applications in a manner not seen since Linux and virtualization's disruption of the server market. But Kubernetes has come with its own set of operational complexities, requiring new approaches to how applications are managed, monitored, and deployed. Akuity was formed to address these new challenges, with Argo, the next generation of tooling purpose-built for this cloud-native era.


Hong Wang, CEO

Hong Wang is a founding member of Argo Project. Prior to founding Akuity, Hong was the Argo team manager at Intuit and built the control-plane used to manage hundreds of Kubernetes clusters and thousands of namespaces. Hong has extensive experience in distributed system projects ranging from storage to cloud infrastructure at Springpath, Cisco, and Yahoo. Hong received his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jesse Suen, CTO

Jesse Suen is the co-creator and a project lead on the Argo project. Prior to founding Akuity, Jesse was a Principal Software Engineer and technical lead for the Argo team at Intuit, leading the design and architecture for Workflows, CD, and Rollouts. Jesse was a founding engineer at Applatix (acquired by Intuit), building a platform to help enterprises run containerized workloads in the public cloud. Jesse received his B.A. in Computer Science & Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley.

Our Commitment to Open Source

Akuity is a staunch proponent of open-source software. We believe it to be the best method of impactful and lasting software development. We also recognize that at a certain stage in a project’s maturity, OSS benefits from commercial backing to help take it to the next level. We started Akuity to advocate for the Argo project, share our knowledge and deep expertise of its capabilities, and become a trusted voice for its users.
Argo is, and must always remain a fully functional, completely unencumbered open source project and Akuity is firmly committed to those goals. The project would not be where it is today without the support of our incredible community and contributors, and we will invest in what’s needed to foster the project’s growth. This includes continuing our contributions to the project, supporting users with their issues, facilitating discussions and meetings, and promoting Argo every chance we get.

Investors and Advisors

We are proud to be working with some of the top minds and innovators in open source.

Stephen Augustus

Head of Open Source at Cisco

Shay Banon

Founder & CEO at Elastic

Kelsey Hightower

Principal Engineer at Google Cloud

Mallik Mahalingam

VP at Intuit & Former Founder of Springpath

Alex Matyushentsev

Argo Co-Creator & Principal Engineer at Intuit

Jon Sakoda

Founder at Decibel Partners

Greg Schott

Former CEO of Mulesoft

Pratik Wadher

SVP at Intuit & Former CEO of Applatix