Argo is trusted by

Minimized overhead

We take care of the tooling lifecycle management for you with automated updates, security patches and customization. We’ve been around since day one - our commitment to Argo is serious and long-term.

24/7 expert support

Our architecture and support teams are always available in case you need assistance. With an SLA in place you know what you can expect and how to reach us, no matter the time of day. Get help directly from Argo project core maintainers.

Single control dashboard

One dashboard to screen your Kubernetes instances across the organization. See your infrastructure in real-time whether it’s in a public cloud, on premise, on edge, or in a hybrid environment.

Quick sustainability checks

Quickly perform health checks to make sure that everything’s up to date and get rid of unnecessary resources that drain your companies’ wallet.

GitOps best practices

Detect configuration drift and roll-back to avoid disasters. Keep your environments synchronized and deploy Kubernetes at scale. Ensure the necessary ecosystem add-ons to get the most out of the Argo suite of tools for your organization.

Backup, Restore, Recover

Specify a storage space which we will periodically snapshot. In case of disaster you can restore your production configuration with just one click.