Introducing Akuity Workspaces

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We are excited to announce two significant additions to the Akuity Platform that will enhance how your organization manages access to resources: Workspaces and Teams. These features bring a new level of granularity and control to your resource management processes.

What’s New?


Previously, everyone in an organization had access to all resources (Argo CD, Kargo). With the introduction of Workspaces, you can now divide your organization into smaller, more manageable segments, assigning different permissions to different users. This means you can ensure that only the selected users have access to the selected resources, enhancing security and efficiency within your organization.

Learn more about Workspaces inside the Akuity Platform documentation.


Teams allow you to group individuals and assign permissions at the team level rather than the individual level. This makes managing permissions easier and more scalable as your organization grows.

Learn more about Teams inside the Akuity Platform documentation.

What’s Changing?

To accommodate these new features, we are making some necessary changes to our existing roles and permissions. These changes will ensure a smooth transition to the new permission model that supports Workspaces.

Permission Changes

  • Organization Admin role is being removed. All existing organization admins will become organization members.
  • Organization Owner(s) role remains unchanged.
  • Introduction of new roles and permissions for Workspaces and Teams.

New Roles and Permissions

Organization Level

  • Owner
    • Full permission to manage the organization.
    • Can change organization settings, create and delete workspaces, and manage teams and API keys.
  • Member
    • Basic access as a member of the organization.
    • Can be added to workspaces or teams.
  • Custom API Role
    • Owner can create custom API roles for the organization to give the API key only the permissions they want.
  • Organization Custom Roles
    • Allows you to create roles at the org level where you we can scope which resources the custom role has access too.
  • Organization Scoped API Keys
    • Combine our Organization API Keys with an Organization Custom Role and you can limit API access to only the resources and end points you want.

Workspace Level

  • Admin
    • Can make changes to workspaces, including adding/removing resources and managing team/user permissions.
    • Cannot create or delete workspaces.
  • Member
    • Can view items within the workspace.

Team Level

  • Member
    • Simply a part of the team.

Default Workspace Adjustments

  • A default workspace will be created for each organization.
  • Existing organization roles will map as follows:
    • Organization owner and admin → Workspace admin
    • Organization member → Workspace member

Why These Changes?

These changes are designed to provide organizations with more precise control over access to Akuity Platform resources like Argo CD and Kargo. By implementing Workspaces and Teams, you can now delegate permissions more effectively and ensure that users only have access to the resources they need.

What’s Next

The following are some further improvements to Akuity Platform’s Workspaces feature that are coming later this year

SAML Group mapping

If you are using SSO, you will be able to map Akuity Teams to OIDC/SAML groups to automatically assign the users to the right teams on Akuity by using your existing IDP, no need to log into Akuity Platform to manage those users.

Workspace Custom Roles

Custom roles for a Workspace - combined with Workspace API keys, you can get Workspace Scoped API Keys. The ability for the Workspace owner to create their own roles without having to bother an Organization Owner, and customizing the access to the workspace resources to the API keys and user/teams in the workspace.


We believe these updates will significantly improve the way you manage your organization's resources and permissions, making your workflows more efficient and secure.

For detailed information on setting up and managing Workspaces and Teams, please visit our documentation pages on Workspaces and Teams.

We look forward to seeing how these new features help you optimize your use of the Akuity Platform!

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