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Add a Kubernetes cluster (public or private)


Provision it and… that’s it!

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Security-first Hybrid Architecture

Akuity's hybrid architecture is the only Argo CD solution which doesn't require external credentials or externally accessible Kubernetes clusters.

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Selected features

Manage multiple Argo CD apps

Deploy substantial numbers of clusters, handle large mono repo deployments, and enable secure application self-service.

Get full Argo CD experience without the engineering cost of operating its instance, or infrastructure cost of running Argo control plane or cluster.

Forget about cluster credentials

Users will not have to manage Kubernetes cluster credentials which are stored in the Argo CD control plane.

Akuity Platform for Argo CD agent runs in each cluster, and sends only the necessary information back to the dashboard.

Increase scalability

The application controller will no longer establish Kubernetes watches on all resource groups/kinds in order to calculate the resource tree.

The application controller is scaled out and sharded properly to handle additional clusters and the shards are balanced correctly.

Stay on top of your infrastructure

Perform quick health checks on all components of applications.

Display actionable analytics regarding deployment patterns, including deployment stats, cluster telemetry, and more.

Track git branches, pin relevant tags and commits.

Synchronize with git manually or automatically.

Introduce role-based access control and SSO integration.

Audit trail and history of application events and API calls.

Use multiple manifests template formats

Argo CD supports your preferred way of creating Kubernetes manifests from Helm, Ksonnet, Jsonnet, Kustomize, to plain YAML.

Automatically update Kubernetes container images

Track image versions specified by annotations on the application resources and update them by setting parameter overrides using the API.

Perform progressive rollouts

Argo CD interface launches in your browser, while the application controller and git repository service are attached to every single Kubernetes cluster. This puts security first and gets rid of possible bottlenecks.

Best developer experience for Kubernetes

Argo CD is developer-friendly from the start. Beside the web-based interface you can use a dedicated CLI or a gRPC/REST API, as well as enable webhook integration.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Configuration, application CRs, etc. are backed up and restored in event of disaster. Step back and restore your configuration with just one click.

Audit and store long-term

Events around applications (such as user activity, logins, etc.) can be persisted into a database for long-term storage, for historical purposes, auditing, or analytics.

GitOps Benefits

Find out how your specific teams can benefit from using Akuity Platform for Argo CD to implement GitOps best practices.

Argo CD Marketplace

Introduce useful plugins and integrations to your Argo CD in the cloud with just one click.

Declarative Infrastructure
for the Modern Enterprise

Best practices out-of-the-box, disaster recovery, and additional ecosystem add-ons. Expert support, solution guidance, architectural review, straight from the core project maintainers themselves. Prioritized patches, compliance, and guaranteed enterprise SLAs.