Increased Security

Secrets are isolated within the cluster, limiting vulnerability to 3rd party intrusions

Cost Savings

Agent-based architecture reduces traffic between clusters and the control plane by up to 80%

Best Developer Experience

Rooted in Argo, which is loved by developers

agent based architecture of akuity

Increased Security

The Akuity Platform has an agent-based architecture, allowing the cluster to connect to the Argo control plane (not the other way around). Secrets stay safe in the Kubernetes clusters.

Minimize Traffic

Akuity maintains your Argo CD instances and ensures minimal traffic between the Argo control plane and your environments. This saves money from day one.

Single Control Plane

Akuity provides one control plane for all Argo CD applications deployed to clusters.

Argo is trusted by


Hybrid Agent-based Architecture

Akuity doesn’t need secrets nor even direct access to your Kubernetes clusters. Thanks to an agent-based architecture, the clusters connect to the Argo control plane and not the other way around.

Built-in Auditing

Log, store, and analyze all the important events that took place inside your Argo CD control plane. Increase discoverability of any security liabilities and react instantly.

Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Control plane is configured with high availability out-of-the-box and configurations are backed up frequently. No need to recreate your Argo CD configuration after your cluster goes down.

Argo CD Upgrades and Security Patches

Decide which Argo CD version you want to run and Akuity will ensure that your clusters will be seamlessly updated or downgraded to it. This also includes applying security patches right after their release.

On-premises Solution Available

The on-premises version of Akuity is a fully-functional branch of the product that will be updated with new features and innovations alongside the SaaS offering.

Scalability & Cost Optimization

Traffic Reduction

Akuity reduces traffic between the Argo control plane and your Kubernetes clusters by at least 80%. This enables you to manage all the edge clusters without worrying about the bandwidth limit, and save money from the start.

Built-in Autoscaler

With a built-in and configured autoscaler, your Argo CD will be automatically tuned to accommodate the ever changing size of managed infrastructure with the guarantee of high performance.

Developer experience

Basic Settings Management

Manage the basic Argo CD settings from Akuity dashboard in a declarative way - customize your Argo CD in a flash.

Argo CD Notifications

Configure your Argo CD notifications using Akuity’s intuitive user interface.

Deployment Metrics and History

Store and analyze your deployment metrics inside the Akuity. Troubleshoot failed deployments and gather metrics regarding every single deployment.

Argo CD Extensions Catalog

Enable such crucial Argo CD extensions as Argo Rollouts UI and Argo Metrics with one click.

More than UI – Akuity API/CLI

Explore more ways of automating and integrating Akuity with your tools and apps by using Akuity API and CLI.

Create an Argo CD instance

Perform quick health checks on all components of applications.

Display actionable analytics regarding deployment patterns, including deployment stats, cluster telemetry, and more.

Track git branches, pin relevant tags and commits.

Synchronize with git manually or automatically.

Introduce role-based access control and SSO integration.

Audit trail and history of application events and API calls.

akuity enterprise

“We chose Akuity because it has the founding team of Argo, which gives us confidence that Akuity understands how a large variety of customers use Argo. The Akuity team’s background as part of a larger tech organization gives us confidence that they understand what enterprises need around features, security, and compliance.”

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GitOps & Kubernetes, from the people who wrote the book on it!

Akuity’s founders co-wrote the book on the benefits of GitOps in Kubernetes application delivery. Work with the experts!

gitops and kubernetes book by argocd originators and akuity co-founders