Continuous Promotion with GitOps

Kargo provides stage-to-stage promotion using GitOps principles without bespoke automation or relying on CI pipelines.

Typical CI Environment Promotion Today

With Kargo

Key Benefits

  • Flexible promotion pipeline for multiple stages
  • Visualizing changes across all environments
  • Intuitive UX abstracting the nuances of GitOps
  • Safer deployments with processes and guardrails
  • Testing and verification between stages
  • First-class GitOps Support

    Promote configuration the same way as container images

    State-driven promotion process by subscribing to git artifacts, image updates, Helm chart updates, and more

    Built upon GitOps principles, integrates with existing Kubernetes deployment technologies

    Deploy with Tools Made for the Purpose

    Introduce progressive deployment strategies across stages

    Stop relying on snowflake scripts inside your CI tools

    Stop using your CI-generated, pre-CD artifacts as the source of truth

    Improve Developer Experience

    Introduce guardrails for developers and provide deep insights to enable developers to perform self-service promotion

    Frictionless promotion and rollback of artifacts including container images, Kubernetes manifests, and Helm charts

    Introduce UI for a higher abstraction level necessary for businesses to deliver applications quickly