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Security-hardened Argo CD

When it comes to platform engineering, every enterprise should have the confidence that their Argo CD setup is as secure as it can get. We're here to give you that assurance with our security-hardened Argo CD for Enterprises.

Take Your Argo CD Security to the Next Level

We understand the unique needs of business owners and enterprise-level engineers. That’s why we offer a solution designed to supercharge and harden your GitOps practices with unmatched security features. Coming directly from the creators of the Argo Project.

security hardened Argo CD
Hardened Distroless Argo CD Containers

Cut down the attack surface of your application containers

SBOM and CVE Patching for Argo CD

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with regular patching and real-time security scanning

100% FIPS-compliant Builds

Adhere to the highest standards of security compliance

Extended Kubernetes Compatibility

Maintaining compatibility with the last 5 Kubernetes releases

Enterprise Image Repositories

Safeguard your container images with a highly available OCI repository

Kubernetes CSP Compatibility

Ensure compatibility with your chosen Kubernetes Cloud Service Provider

Enterprise-level Platform Engineering with Secure GitOps

When it comes to security-hardened GitOps with Argo CD, Akuity’s help is unparalleled. We enable enterprises to build on the powerful base of Argo CD with security features that give you peace of mind and let your security team sleep tight.

Applying for the FedRAMP authorization? Adopting a security-hardened Argo CD helps to expedite the FedRAMP authorization process!

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Ensure your enterprise is built on a foundation of security and reliability. Let your teams embrace the confidence and strength that comes with using our unsurpassed GitOps solutions.