Akuity Platform

Select the number of Argo control planes, applications,
and level of support to calculate pricing.

Argo CD Instances


Argo CD Applications


Dedicated Support

Estimated Cost

Free for 14 days, $600 per month

1 Argo CD instance, 20 applications, 3 Kubernetes clusters.
No credit card required


Managed Argo CD and Enterprise Support for Argo Workflows, Argo CD, Rollouts and Events from the creators of Argo

  • Full Enterprise Support and SLAs
  • Custom RBAC and Single Sign On
  • DORA metrics and extra insights
  • Long term auditing records
  • Hot patches and fixes on demand
  • Quick CVE updates and resolutions
  • Built-in Chargeback mechanism
  • Akuity Platform on premises available

How do you calculate price?

Pricing depends on only three components: the number of Control Planes, the number of Applications, and the level of support. In other words, you only pay for the real usage, regardless of the number of users, CPU cores, nodes, or managed clusters.

What is a Control Plane?

A Control Plane refers to an Argo CD instance.

What is an Application?

An Application refers to an Argo CD Application. Every card in the Argo CD UI is considered an Application.

I’m using the "App of Apps" pattern. Will I be charged for the Application used to deploy other Applications?

No, the top-level Applications managing other Applications in the control plane are excluded.

How many Control Planes do I need?

The Akuity Platform allows for a more secure Hub-and-Spoke model. This model is recommended to get a holistic view of all Applications across all clusters, which in turn provides a better developer experience.

It's common to have 1 or 2 extra Control Planes for testing.

The Akuity Platform supports an unlimited number of Argo CD instances (Control Planes). For more info, please refer to the “How many Argo CDs Do You need” blog post, or contact sales for more information.

How can I pay?

You can use your credit card and purchase directly by going to the “Organization - Billing” section in the Akuity Platform dashboard, or you can contact sales to request an order form or a purchase order (PO).

What are the different support options available?

  • Enterprise and Platinum support for Argo CD on the Akuity Platform
  • Argo CD Open Source Support

What is included in the support package?

  • Best practices of scaling with confidence and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Comprehensive architecture review on demand
  • Security practice review
  • Escalating feature requests
  • Guaranteed SLAs to incidents
  • Routine CVEs in-time patches

Where can I read the maintenance and support services terms and conditions (SLA)

The full text of Akuity SLA is available on our website.