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Get more out of Argo with Akuity's formulated distribution of Argo, implemented with best practices out-of-the-box, disaster recovery, and additional ecosystem add-ons. Expert support, solution guidance, architectural review, and more, straight from the project maintainers themselves. Prioritized patches, long-term support, and guaranteed enterprise SLAs.

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Argo CD is a GitOps continuous delivery tool for deploying applications to Kubernetes. Built from the ground-up with enterprise requirements in mind, it comes with built-in multi-tenancy, SSO, RBAC, and is scalable to hundreds of clusters. Argo CD provides a powerful, real-time dashboard for monitoring health, detecting configuration drift, and troubleshooting applications.


Argo Rollouts is a progressive delivery operator providing advanced blue-green and canary deployment strategies to Kubernetes workloads. It enables safer updates by leveraging advanced traffic shaping capabilities to limit the negative impact of a bad update. Rollouts can query and analyze metrics from observability providers to verify key KPIs and drive automated promotion or rollback of services.


Argo Workflows is a container-native workflow engine for orchestrating parallel jobs on Kubernetes. Easily define sophisticated, massively parallel workflows where each step executes as a container. Leverage your Kubernetes cluster as an auto-scaling compute grid to run ETL jobs, machine learning, data processing, continuous integration, and more.


Argo Events is an event-driven workflow automation framework for Kubernetes. Listen and receive events from dozens of supported sources (message buses, git, cron, slack, webhooks, etc...). Define complex multi-dependency resolution rules which trigger various actions, such as launching workflows, creating kubernetes resources, and sending notifications.