Every quarter we will choose one individual and award them with:

  • Akuity Argo SWAG pack
  • One Time GitHub sponsorship of $100


The community can nominate individuals who they see as going above and beyond when it comes to contributing to and/or promoting the Argo Project. Click in the link below to nominate an Argonaut πŸš€


The full list of winners appears below. You think someone's missing? Nominate a colleague!

Winners πŸŽ‰

github profile picture of alexefalexef

For making impressive efforts and putting a lot of work into Argo CD.

github profile picture of blakepetterssonblakepettersson

For not being noisy about his work, yet hugely impactful.

github profile picture of ishitasequeiraishitasequeira

For the willingness to take on big challenges that are absolutely crucial for the project.

github profile picture of reggie-kreggie-k

For incredible persistence, showing a genuine concern for the community's experience, and always giving back.

github profile picture of 34fathombelow34fathombelow

For individual contributions that help keeping the Argo project healthy and readiness to volunteer for issues in the crunch.

github profile picture of tczhaotczhao

For being an Argo Workflows champion inside the company and constantly contributing to the project in his spare time.

github profile picture of Rwong2888Rwong2888

For being super-helpful to the Argo community and bringing issues that are always spot-on.