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Akuity Helps Whatnot Ship Often and Focus on Reliability

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Whatnot is the largest livestream shopping platform in North America and Europe to buy, sell, and discover the things you love. Buyers and sellers connect in real time to chat, build relationships, and run live auctions, creating a fun and personalized way to shop online. Founded in 2019 by collectors, the platform has quickly grown to support a huge range of different categories globally. From collectibles like trading cards, comic books, and memorabilia to fashion, beauty, electronics, and even live plants, Whatnot has something for everyone. For more information, please visit or download the Whatnot app on Android or iOS.

Key Akuity Platform Benefits

  • Enhanced security thanks to the agent architecture
  • Premium support from the creators of Argo
  • Increased shipping velocity

Akuity Brings Extra Security and Premium Support

As Whatnot's business grew, ensuring platform stability and reliability became paramount. Their manual deployment processes, including manual release cuts and limited deployment frequency, were no longer scalable. The need to automate deployments and increase release velocity became a strategic imperative for the organization.

To address these challenges, Whatnot embarked on an effort to automate their deployment pipelines and increase release frequency. Initially, Whatnot's deployment process was manual, with releases cut twice daily. They transitioned to automated deployments using Argo CD, improving efficiency and enabling more frequent releases. Akuity's managed Argo CD offering provided enhanced security and premium support directly from the creators of Argo CD, ensuring stability and reliability.


Increased Velocity


Reduction in Severe Accidents

Ship Faster and Focus on Reliability

By partnering with Akuity and leveraging their managed Argo CD platform, Whatnot successfully automated deployment processes. They increased release velocity by 20x and improved platform stability and reliability, evidenced by a 62% reduction in severe incidents. This strategic adjustment enabled Whatnot to continue fostering a vibrant social commerce community while staying agile and responsive to market demands.

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