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Akuity Manages Argo CD for Cowbell

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Cowbell is a cyber insurance company. All of their business interactions with clients are highly dependent on their availability hence any disruptions would be preventing the company from functioning. Cowbell's infrastructure is spread across multiple regions in the US and Europe, all hosted on a single cloud provider, AWS.

Key Akuity Platform Benefits

  • Substantially improved managing Argo CD at scale
  • Acquiring directly through the AWS Marketplace
  • Handling multiple git repos at once

The Operational Burden of Managing Argo CD at Scale

They knew from the start that Argo CD was the way to go, but the company needed something to take care of the operational burden of maintaining it on a large scale.

What drove their interest in the Akuity Platform was the ease of deploying and managing Argo CD at scale as well as saving on management overhead and maintaining high availability and reliability.

“Acquiring software directly from the vendor through the AWS Marketplace was a great selling-point. Thanks to this we were able to almost instantly start using the Akuity Platform after making the decision to move from Argo CD Open Source. It saved us around 4 months!”

Landon Orr Staff SRE at Cowbell profile picture
Landon Orr
Staff SRE at Cowbell

Akuity Platform Features Make Running Argo CD at Scale a Pleasure

What Cowbell team loved about the Akuity Platform was its user-friendly interface, across the board audit log functionality, and the ease of deploying new Kubernetes clusters with maintaining high-visibility of what’s going on.

The team also appreciated the Platform’s ability to handle multiple git repos and the way they are able to horizontally scale their infrastructure.

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