The Argo Trio Comes Back Together

Akuity founders together

I’m happy and excited to announce big news for our company and the Argo community as a whole: Alexander Matyushentsev is joining Akuity in the role of Chief Architect! This means that the originators of Argo once more come together to continue working on community’s number one tool for Kubernetes-native application delivery and improve the developer experience across all Argo tools.

Alex is confident about his decision: “It’s a no-brainer for me. This is an incredible opportunity to get more time to contribute to Argo and it feels great to work with you and Jesse side by side again.”

Jesse, and Alexander, and I have known each other since our early days at Applatix, where together we pushed the boundaries of what a Kubernetes suite of tools can achieve. We've been working as a team from day one - probably because we have a similar attitude: talk less and get things done. In the beginning we didn't really think about adoption and just focused on making Argo as useful as possible. We completely ignored any marketing activities and bet on product quality and word of mouth. This worked really well in the long run.

Shortly after being acquired by Intuit, we continued our work on Argo, but this time with a really massive infrastructure that handled millions of Intuit’s users across the globe on a 24/7 basis. At both Applatix and Intuit, Alex was always the most efficient engineering leader with a firm belief in ‘Fail fast, iterate, and pivot’ strategy.

Akuity Trio in the office
Akuity Trio in the office

Putting together our past experience as creators and seasoned end-users of Argo, will be crucial for the future of further development of the project as well as Akuity’s commercial offering. Without a doubt, this is a defining moment for Akuity and Argo.

We learned a lot from our experience when creating Argo - the project trusted by thousands of companies and developers. Even though our six-year journey wasn’t all peaches and cream, we saw it through thanks to tremendous effort and dedication. I am delighted to work with Alex and Jesse as a team again. At Akuity, we’re commited to open source and solving hardcore technical challenges while ensuring an enjoyable developer experience. With Alex on board, we are more than ready to say that we are THE enterprise company for Argo.

Welcome back Alex!

PS: For a more personal account of how Alex feels about joining Akuity read his personal blog post on joining the enterprise company for Argo.

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