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GitOps is rapidly becoming the standard for managing cloud-native ecosystems with Kubernetes. Traditional IaC tools fell short with the rise of Kubernetes, leading to the development of tools like Argo CD and Flux.

GitOps gained popularity, resulting in the creation of the Open GitOps Principles. These principles emphasize continuous reconciliation, where software agents maintain desired system states. While the principles offer a standard, they don't provide implementation guidance or best practices.

As the creators of Argo CD, long-time GitOps practitioners, and Kubernetes experts, we came up with a whitepaper that aims to address GitOps best practices by sharing insights and lessons learned from deploying Argo CD at scale in production.

The whitepaper covers such topics as:

  • Manifest Templating and Patching Techniques
  • Git Workflows
  • Preferred GitOps Repository Directory Structures
  • Integrating CI/CD with GitOps
  • The Rendered Manifests Pattern for Improved Visibility and Security

Download the whitepaper and find out how to implement GitOps and what are the best practices for running Argo CD in production.

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