Akuity July 2023 Update

Akuity Platform July 2023 Update Cover Image

We're thrilled to announce the latest updates to the Akuity Platform, packed with exciting new features, like an AI assistant, and enhancements, like the improved declarative management of instances. Let's dive right in!

Akuity AI Assistant Extension

Say hello to your new AI GitOps companion! Our AI Assistant is here to help engineers explore and troubleshoot Argo CD Applications effortlessly. By analyzing logs, reviewing Kubernetes manifests, and answering questions right from the UI, the AI Assistant takes application management to a whole new level. Check out the blog post dedicated to AI Assistant for Argo CD for a detailed description.

Akuity AI Assistant troubleshooting Application error.
Akuity AI Assistant troubleshooting Application error.

Tanka and Helmfile First Class Support

Custom tooling integrations for Argo CD just got easier! We're delighted to introduce pre-defined config management plugins for Tanka and Helmfile. With a single click, you can now enable Tanka and Helmfile support in the Akuity Platform, giving you more flexibility and control over your deployments.

Pre-defined Helmfile and Tanka CMPs installed.
Pre-defined Helmfile and Tanka CMPs installed.

Enhanced Argo CD Version with Server Side Pagination

We believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and that's why we're excited to present the enhanced Akuity version of Argo CD, starting with v2.7.3. The star feature of this release is the server-side pagination for the Argo CD Applications page. With this addition, you can manage over 50,000 Argo CD applications without breaking a sweat. The scalability of the Argo CD API and UI has never been better!

Enhanced Argo CD version with server-side pagination.
Enhanced Argo CD version with server-side pagination.

Improved Declarative Configuration Management of Argo CD Instances

With the latest Akuity CLI update, managing all Argo CD instance settings declaratively has become a breeze. From accounts and repository credentials to secrets and clusters, the Akuity CLI empowers you to effortlessly manage your Argo CD instances.

Example of Akuity declarative management files.
Example of Akuity declarative management files.

Agent Behind HTTPS Outbound Proxy

And finally, a significant stride towards better accessibility in high-security environments - our Agent now operates seamlessly behind an HTTPS proxy. When enabled in Cluster settings, Redis Tunnelling ensures secure Redis access from the agent, offering you peace of mind without compromising performance.

We hope these updates boost your experience with the Akuity Platform and enable you to better integrate Argo into your environments. We are committed to providing the best tools and support to streamline your use of GitOps and Kubernetes.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way soon. Happy syncing!

Try it Out

To try out all the new features, log in to your user account or start a free trial and have a fully-managed instance of Argo CD in minutes.

If you want to learn how to manage the deployment of the Helm charts in a declarative fashion using Argo CD and Github, take a look at our tutorial.

Help and Support

If you want any insights on where to start with Akuity or Argo CD, please reach out to me (Nicholas Morey) on the the CNCF Slack. You can find me on the #argo-* channels, and don't hesitate to send me a direct message.

You can also schedule a technical demo with our team or go through the “Getting started” manual on the Akuity Documentation website.

We also invite you to check out our free course on GitOps and Continuous Delivery. Developed by the founders of the Argo Project, this course offers hands-on experience in implementing these practices with Argo CD.

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